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The Ultimate Charity Card Shop - The best way to support your favourite charities this Christmas!

Below are a list of card shops in other Australian states. These shops aren't affiliated with the Ultimate Charity Card Shop, but each of them also raises money for charities through the sale of cards. Please contact them directly for further information.

The Charity Shop
Basement of Southern Cross Arcade
King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone 08 8212 8212
Fax 08 8212 2198

Combined Charities Card Shop
Stephens Gallery
Brisbane Town Hall
Adelaide Street entrance
Brisbane QLD 4000
Phone08 8212 8212

Combined Charities Christmas Shop
Basement of St Paul's Cathedral
205 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC
Heather Renaldson
Phone 03 9654 2828

Phone 03 6247 6565

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